As a first time home buyer, Daniele took the time to go through all the details of each step of the home buying process. She was always on top of the market notifying me when new listing were coming up and she had good guidance on her assessment of the properties being viewed. Overall a great experience!

Christi Lambe, First-Time Home Buyer

I have had the pleasure to buy and sell properties through Daniele Dunlop Yeo. Daniele was always pleasant and readily available when in need. She was never in a hurry to discuss matters. She problem solved quickly and always provided feed-back. Daniele is a go getter. I was able to buy and sell my properties in short period of time. What I appreciated most from Daniele is that she was always truethful and respectful about my wishes regarding pricing of my property , viewing properties, etc. She did not pressure me on anything against my wishes. Thank you, Daniele!

Surabhi Patel, Buyer & Seller
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We Are RE/MAX Modern Logo

Rob and Daniele were great to deal with. Their knowledge, experience and hard work made what could be a stressful situation easier. I have worked with them in both buying and selling a house, and I would highly recommend them.

Mark Daley, Buyer & Seller

Rob helped us buy our first home and we could not be happier. He was there every step of the way, listened to our needs and found us our perfect home. Very easy to get along with and very knowledgeable. Thanks Rob!

Noah & Ashley Glover, First-Time Home Buyer

Four years ago, we listed our home with Daniele Dunlop Yeo and Rob Yeo of Re/Max. It was so stress free and they guided us every step of the way. They worked extremely hard showing our home and it sold quickly. Now, we’re in another home they found for us. It was an experience we dreaded but it turned out to be almost fun! Now we’re looking to upgrade and of course, we wouldn’t ever list with anybody else! Just an awesome, stress free experience. Thank you!!

Kelly R., Buyer & Seller

After cold calling several listing agents on an ad hoc basis, I got in touch with Rob, also randomly.   Immediately,  Rob Yeo stood out as being particularly attentive and enthusiastic. Just what does go into making a good agent, I wondered?  To this point, Rob is very, very talented.  He is smart as evidenced by his planning, problem solving and attention to detail.  These traits, in addition to finding Rob so approachable,  are what made me ask him to work with my husband, Victor and I.  For over two years now, we have been looking to buy. We were throwing out terms like cottage, summer home, retirement home.  Victor and my plan for the future was still taking shape.  Que Rob’s vast knowledge of real estate trends in a certain locale, fair market value, and benefits of local amenities.  Rob has an excellent grasp of his product and can provide specific information on individual houses right down to the details.   Our story is, we are a 4 person family all adult sized, with dogs and a cat, looking to upsize from our trailer. Rob patiently stayed in touch with us, always available but never pressuring. Now, in the end, we just purchased our home away from home.  It is on a quiet street, with a suitable layout, on a huge lot and brimming with character.  I believe that Rob represented our interests with much integrity when presenting our offer.  What is it they say about real professionals making it look easy? I’ll close with a big, big ” thank you” to Rob and Daniele for making the process of home buying seem easy! It attests to your excellence!

Cheryl & Victor Kaunismaa, Buyer

My wife and I had a bad experience with our last Realtor, so we were hesitant to trust one again. My wife spoke to Daniele on the phone in order to book a meeting with them, and immediately she had a good feeling about her. She was professional, and made my wife feel, through this phone call, like she was serious about helping us sell our house. When we finally met, we knew we had made a good choice. Both Daniele and Rob were very professional. They told us what needed to be done, but listened to our concerns as well. Because we took their advice, our house sold in one day!! Because they had listened so well to what we were looking for in a new home, this also happened quickly for us, and we found our new home days after selling ours. We were very happy with their services, as they were enjoyable to work with, and we would recommend Rob and Daniele to anyone!! Thanks again guys!!

Max & Nicky, Buyer & Seller

A few years ago, I was relocated to Sarnia by my employer. I was given a small window of time for my wife and I to move to a new city, start a new job, and find a new home. This was also our first home buying experience and we had no knowledge of the Sarnia area, real estate fees, lawyers etc. We began as most perspective buyers do, by visiting to look for potential homes. We didn’t have a Real Estate Agent, so we started calling the listing agents of the homes we were interested in. Seeing we were against a tight deadline, we needed to start the process right away; however, every agent we had called was either unavailable, not returning our messages, or not taking our situation seriously. That all changed when we called Daniele Yeo! We first called her around 10pm on a Thursday night to inquire about one of her listings, fully expecting to be sent straight to voicemail, but to our surprise- she picked up. Daniele took the time that night to discuss the home that we were calling about and to get an understanding of our situation and what we were looking for. She knew all the right questions to ask and was able to pinpoint exactly what kinds of houses would suit our lifestyle best. Daniele took the time to answer all our questions; she was patient and incredibly kind during the call. Within a day, she had scheduled a showing for the house we originally called about, and four additional showings for our first day in Sarnia.

As a first time home buyer, the excitement, nerves, finances, and stress of such a big purchase can be overwhelming. Daniele was an incredible guide; there was never a question she couldn’t answer and she always took the time to help us weigh all of our options. She personally showed us close to 20 homes over just a few days, and with her help we were able to find the perfect home for us. Working with Daniele and Rob Yeo was an amazing experience. If we ever decide to move in the future, our first call will be to them. Having trust in your real estate agent is essential to a successful buying experience. Daniele and Rob Yeo are agents that you can rely on. They are out to find you the best house for you and your personal situation. I encourage anyone thinking about buying a home contact Daniele and Rob, you’ll be happy you did.

Cal & Brandy, Buyer

This would be the second time we sold our house and the third time I bought – but this time I was buying on my own.  Our house sold within a week but my purchase took much more work – multiple viewings and I was having financing difficulties.  Rob was instrumental in putting me in touch with a mortgage broker which allowed me to secure a mortgage for the home that my daughter and I had fallen in love with and is perfect for us.  Rob always responded quickly and professionally and when time was of the essence, he drove out of his way to meet me so I could sign the paperwork – even while he was in the midst of moving himself and becoming a new dad to twins!  He was committed to helping me find the right home and the right mortgage and I am forever grateful.  I don’t plan on moving again, but if I do, I will definitely be contacting Rob!  Thank you for everything!

Sherry, Buyer & Seller

When I started getting serious about purchasing my first home, I had absolutely no game plan. I simply found houses that appealed to me on an online directory and direct messaged whoever the listing agent on that particular property was. That is how my journey with Rob Yeo began. I found a home online that appeared to have everything I was hoping for; I sent the listing agent a direct message and met him later in the week for a scheduled viewing. While that particular home was not the right fit for me, I am so glad I scheduled that showing because it introduced me to what is now known as the best realtor I could have ever hoped to cross paths with. I am self-admittedly hard to please, with a long list of demands that came with next to no wiggle room. After my initial meeting with Rob at that first viewing I knew I couldn’t let him get away. He took the time to educate me, understand my personal wants and needs,  he got to know myself and some of my family members, and took the time to establish a relationship with us that made us all feel at peace; comfortable, and like we were indefinitely in good hands. Rob was my realtor for what I assume he and I would both agree now felt like forever, and he willingly took me house to house and never wavered in his confidence to find me exactly what I was looking for. If my spirits were down, he lifted them. If you are searching for someone that will listen to your needs and concerns, that will instill a sense of trust and confidence in you, and will go to bat for you when the time comes, this is your guy! Rob and I faced many of the issues that buyers often face in the real estate market; falsely advertised homes, a few let downs, and finally bidding wars. Rob stood his ground and got the job done on multiple occasions and ultimately found me a home that was more than I could ever dream of and I owe it all to his hard work, dedication, and passion for his line of work. From the moment I met Rob I could tell that he genuinely wanted to see me happy and find me a place to call home. I can never properly repay or thank Rob for everything he has done for me and I would recommend him to absolutely anyone and everyone looking to buy or sell their home! Thank you Yeo Real Estate Group, you will be highly recommended for all the years to come.

Taylor Ross, First Time Home Buyer

Awesome! I used this word to Daniele to describe her and the services she provided and stand by them.

Late one night I sent an email to Daniele about a listing we were interested in viewing. To my surprise, I received an immediate response back about that property. Our relationship with Daniele started that very moment.

Having been out of the real estate market for sometime, we were looking to find the perfect small home to suit our needs and budget. It was early spring and we wanted to be settled by summer, therefore, we were working within a short time frame. Daniele was quick to send us links so we could immediately start the process and by the next day we were on our way to view homes. In a short time we saw many homes but we kept going back to one in particular. She was very patient and set up additional viewings of this same house. Had we not, we would have skipped by the one we ultimately chose.

Daniele was very patient with us, listening to our stories, concerns and our lists of needs and wants. From taking that time, she got a sense of exactly what we were looking for. Daniele’s clients come first. She really does care and focuses on them and their needs and is dedicated to finding that perfect home. She was professional during our showings and if we had questions about a property, she immediately contacted the seller’s agent so we could get our answer quickly. Daniele was available to us via email or text and we were never left waiting long for an answer. She was thorough, but not pushy and gave us time to digest all that we saw before making our final decision. When we made an offer, she gave it her all throughout the negotiations. She made a very personal, stressful experience a very rewarding one for us.

Our experience with both Daniele and Rob was indeed a very positive one and we were so happy with their services. They are both very professional, efficient, knowledgeable and organized. Four great words to describe an awesome team who will do their very best for their clients. Thanks so very much!

Eileen Vidler, Buyer

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