Market Updates

CMHC First Time Home Buyer Equity Shared Program

2019-06-19T15:02:04+00:00June 19th, 2019|Buying, Houses, Market Updates, Renting|

First-Time Home Buyer Incentive The First-Time Home Buyer Incentive (the Incentive) helps qualified first-time homebuyers reduce their monthly mortgage carrying costs without adding to their financial burdens. You need to have the minimum down payment to be eligible. You can then apply for a 5% or 10% shared equity [...]

Lowdown on Downpayments-Lou Bartosek, Invis Canada’s Mortgage Experts

2019-05-10T18:34:03+00:00May 9th, 2019|Buying, Houses, Investing, Market Updates, Selling|

Lou Bartosek, AMP Mortgage Consultant 519.466.5131 The lowdown on downpayments I get questions about downpayment all the time! So here is the lowdown on how much you need, and how you might get it. How much do you need? Not surprisingly, most Canadian homebuyers purchase a property with the absolute minimum [...]

RE/MAX Market Share!

2019-05-10T18:36:35+00:00April 29th, 2019|Buying, Market Updates, Selling, Uncategorized|

RE/MAX sarnia realty inc. continues to be #1 in market share! We dominate the competition with 53.77% market share and our next closest competitor is behind by almost 35%. There is a reason why you should choose a RE/MAX agent to represent you when you are buying, selling, [...]

March 2019 Sarnia-Lambton Market Report

2019-05-10T18:37:55+00:00April 26th, 2019|Buying, Houses, Market Updates, Selling|

The March 2019 Sarnia-Lambton Real Estate Market Report is here! 📈 Have Questions? Leave a comment below! Click on picture for larger view! What's My Home Worth?! Dream Home Finder Schedule A Call Or Meeting [...]

Home Ownership In Your Future Plan? 3 Things to Pay Attention To Now!

2019-04-26T16:21:42+00:00November 15th, 2018|Buying, Houses, Investing, Market Updates|

Step one to successful home ownership is being informed. And as they say, knowledge is power. However, according to a recent RE/MAX survey, half of 18- to 24-year-olds in B.C. and Ontario agree that they have limited knowledge of the housing market. DID YOU KNOW? Generation Z will outnumber Millennials within a year, [...]